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Women in Law

by Louise Elliott, Communications Specialist

The practice of law is changing and so are the roles of women in the legal sector.  In conjunction with Cushman & Wakefield’s WIN (Women’s Integrated Network) organization, our own Sherry Cushman, Head of the Legal Service Practice Group recently moderated a panel in Chicago exploring these changes and how women are excelling at adapting to these shifts.

Cushman & Wakefield Legal Sector Advisory Group WIN Women in Law

Sherry Cushman moderates a panel discussion at the Women in Law event

The panel consisted of top women in Chicago’s legal space:

Sherri M. Arrigo of Donohue Brown Mathewson & Smyth LLC

Laurel Bellows of the Bellows Law Group

Alexandra Cole of Perkins Coie LLP

Margaret A. Christie of Golan Christie Taglia

Rebecca Eisner of Mayer Brown LLP

Patricia L. Levy of DRW Trading Group

Kathleen McDonough of Wilson Elser Moskowitz Edelman & Dicker LLP

Mary Ellen McGrath of Publicis Groupe/Re:Sources USA

From left: Cushman, Arrigo, Bellows, Cole, Christie, Eisner, Levy, McDonough and McGrath

These leaders discussed issues such as equal pay, work-life balance and  building a career that exists beyond gender. Each panelist shared stories of the unique challenges they’ve faced in building their career. Some shared stories of balancing motherhood with professional responsibilities, others discussed how support for family has been critical to their success. As the discussion evolved, the theme of the night became clear and can be taken as excellent advice for both women and men, those early in their career and seasoned pros—take risks. The women discussed risks they’ve taken and also at what point in their life they were confident enough to see and take advantage of the opportunity beyond the risk.

Sherry Cushman’s 32-year career has focused on implementing real estate solutions for tenants in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area and throughout the United States. She has represented more than 15 million square feet of tenant contracts.

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