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Perspectives: Chicago Market Leader Vicki Noonan Looks Ahead

by Louise Elliott, Communications Specialist

Vicki Noonan is a passionate real estate professional, ardent lover of margaritas, and Cushman & Wakefield’s Chicago Market Leader. Vicki spends her days ensuring we provide the best service to our clients and the best environment for our employees. To launch our new Chicago-market blog, I sat down with Vicki to talk about her experience since joining the company in September 2016.

What has surprised you most since joining Cushman & Wakefield?

It’s humbling how many times I hear people say “thank-you.” Gratitude for our people and the work they deliver is commonplace here. I’ve been in this business a long time and it’s refreshing how often genuine appreciation is expressed.


How do you see the industry evolving over the next 5-10 years and how do you see us driving that change?

Technology continues to have an increasing role in commercial real estate within all service lines, including operations, and this trend will only accelerate. Through strategic and efficient data management we are better able to help our clients make the right choices when it comes to their real estate. Technology has also allowed for alternative and flexible workplace arrangements that appeal to both millennials and young families.


What have you found that makes Cushman & Wakefield unique?

I firmly believe that if you foster talent and cultivate a culture that is inviting, supportive, and collaborative, your business will grow in the right direction. That is what is unique about Cushman & Wakefield – we invest in our people and they are in turn invested in the company. It’s a no-lose way to achieve great client service, a rewarding career environment and overall business growth.


What is in store for the remainder of 2017 for Cushman & Wakefield’s Chicagoland offices?

As a company we have some exciting initiatives planned. We’ll proudly participate in some community-involvement projects and we’ll also be settling into a new, very exciting office location which will serve as our Chicago office as well as our global headquarters.


As a well-known and well-respected female executive in an industry embracing diversity and inclusion, what advice do you have for the newest cohorts following the path you and other leaders have crafted?

To offer our clients the best service we require broad and expansive viewpoints that emanate from a workforce with a variety of cultural and personal experiences. Cushman & Wakefield is dedicated to an inclusive and diverse team that resonates with diverging perspectives. I stand firmly with that policy. Also, I think it’s important to offer growth advice to all employees, conveying that hard work breeds success and that it’s O.K. to say you made a mistake or ask a question. Learning and growing together helps us build better teams across the board.

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