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Five Secrets of Effective Building Engineers

By Allison Porter, Vice President, Sustainability Services

Albert WhitecavageBuilding engineers are often the unsung heroes of commercial real estate, keeping operations running smoothly day and night, in all kinds of weather. A Cushman & Wakefield engineer recently received a well-deserved moment in the spotlight when he was interviewed for Duke Energy’s Smart Energy in Offices (SEiO) program.

Albert Whitecavage, a Lead Operating Engineer in Charlotte, North Carolina, shared his secrets for managing an energy-efficient building. Here are Albert’s top five tips:

  1. Use building controls wisely. Albert recommends updating temperature range settings seasonally.
  2. Collaborate with vendors. According to Albert, “Every engineer should have a good relationship with their controls contractor…They generally have really good ideas on ways to improve your building’s efficiency.”
  3. Spot-check to make sure equipment works as expected. Albert says, “I was in the building on a Saturday completing paperwork and had the overtime air set to run until 5 [p.m.]. I was still there after 5:00, and I heard the chiller still running.” This observation led to the discovery of seven VAV boxes that had been programmed incorrectly.
  4. Slow and steady. To maximize the building occupants’ comfort, Albert advocates a gradual approach: “As I start changing things, I do it really slowly. I would change it half a degree at a time, and no one would notice.”
  5. Teamwork. As Albert says, “It doesn’t matter who has the initial idea. The important thing is that you can work together to implement the change!”

Albert and fellow Cushman & Wakefield engineers Steve Lisi and Kevin Apthorpe were recently honored at Duke Energy’s SEiO Building Operator’s Forum and Award Ceremony. Cushman & Wakefield’s Charlotte office earned six Gold Level Operator Achievement awards for its participation and results achieved in operator campaigns.

Read Albert’s full interview with Duke Energy here: http://smartenergyinoffices.com/news/28/spotlight-on-albert-whitecavage-lead-operating-engineer-cushman-and-wakefield


Allison PorterAllison Porter joined Cushman & Wakefield in August 2014 based out of the company’s office in Washington, DC, where she focuses on business development and service delivery of the firm’s local and national Sustainability Services practice as well as integrating sustainability and energy efficiency best practices into Cushman & Wakefield’s daily operations.

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