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My View: Hispanic Heritage Month and What HOLA Brings to Cushman & Wakefield

By Liza Medina, Chair of HOLA (Hispanic and Latino Advancement), the newest Employee Resource Group at Cushman & Wakefield, and Operations Manager, South Florida

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I have always been proud of my Cuban-American heritage and I’m extremely excited to be the first Chair of HOLA (Hispanic and Latino Advancement), Cushman & Wakefield’s newest Employee Resource Group (ERG). HOLA offers the opportunity to integrate different perspectives and valuable ideas that come directly from the Hispanic and Latino community. As the very talented Cuban singer Celia Cruz said, “When opportunity presents itself, grab it, hold on tight and don’t let it go.”

As a Cuban-American growing up in South Florida, being bilingual is a must, and so is knowing how to adapt to the differences and the diversity that lie within the Hispanic and Latino community itself. My experience has allowed me to develop relationships and partnerships, and I look forward to working with diverse groups in my HOLA role.

Benefits of HOLA to Colleagues and Clients

HOLA offers the opportunity to share knowledge, represent culture and be a resource for all Cushman & Wakefield employees. I enjoy sharing personal and historic experiences to expand others’ knowledge about the Hispanic and Latino community and culture, and being HOLA Chair allows me to have these conversations on a professional level as well.

HOLA members will provide resources that help the firm deliver outstanding service, by connecting with local employees and clients to expand our firm’s footprint, while raising awareness and acting as representatives for our Hispanic and Latino communities.

In addition, the Hispanic and Latino community is a fast-growing demographic in our nation and our organization, and it is important for us to provide the tools and resources needed to assist with career development, networking and education within that culture.

The HOLA Vision

The HOLA vision is to build a network of Hispanic and Latino employees at Cushman & Wakefield committed to providing an inclusive and connected platform from which employees and clients will benefit. I know that HOLA is going to highlight the impact that Hispanics and Latinos have made on a national level as well as within industry.

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, September 15-October 15

HOLA and colleagues across our company are excited to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, which gives us the opportunity to highlight the contributions, achievements and diversity within the Hispanic and Latino community. I love that we have the opportunity to highlight deserving individuals who may not have been recognized without this platform being available.

And, the Hispanic and Latino community is always ready to have a good time! All we need is some delicious food, some good music to make you dance, and of course, friends and family. Then the celebration begins. All are welcome anytime and all the time. The same open invitation applies to HOLA, for Cushman & Wakefield, C&W Services and Alliance employees!

Liza Medina joined Cushman & Wakefield’s Operations team in late 2016. As Operations Manager, South Florida, she is responsible for offices including Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach and Stuart. She drives business objectives and activities, aligns Cushman & Wakefield resources to ensure client satisfaction and overall office efficiency, and helps to execute on Florida’s aggressive growth strategy and initiatives.

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