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Workplace 2025

The workplace has traditionally adapted to the purpose of providing work environments for the business, and optimizing costs while delivering efficiency and effective work environments. This adaption is shifting rapidly moving into 2025.  Here’s a brief analysis of the changing workplace.

Cushman & Wakefield’s Strategic Consulting practice identifies three major shifts transforming the purpose of the workplace, unleashing previously unforeseen potential:

From floor plans to personalized experiences: It’s not just about the space anymore.  Organizations need to shift away from the physical environment to company-designed experiences these environments create, improving employee engagement.

Companies still debating about the pros and cons of the open plan will be left behind. People must come before real estate.

From the CFO to the entire C-Suite: Moving beyond costs, workplace will drive innovation, productivity and efficiency. When it comes to the workplace, there’s value for everyone.

Workplace is now a business lever to better enable talent and provide competitive advantage.

From gut-driven to data-driven solutions: Perceptions and executive directives for workplace solutions are now being replaced by data-driven, predictive analytics for creating experiences that guide culture, monitored by the business and the C-Suite. LinkedIn partnered with Cushman & Wakefield to leverage data to prove the workplace experience contributes to employee engagement.

Solutions are now being derived from data and analytics instead of conjecture.

This is no longer just a real estate matter, but one that requires a transformational approach to providing the workplace of tomorrow.

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