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Off Duty: Cushman & Wakefield Broker Has Art Contained

Washingtonian Magazine recently published a piece about Cushman & Wakefield’s Aaron Pomerantz and his innovative ‘solution’ for storing his art collection, an art gallery in his backyard built out of a shipping container–obviously. See excerpt below:

Wandering the streets of Prague, Aaron Pomerantz spied a large, post-Impressionist oil painting through a gallery window. “I walked in, and I loved it,” he says. Pomerantz bought it on the spot for about $4,500, the first significant piece of art he ever owned.

Over the next 20 years, the painting migrated to a location decidedly more bourgeois than the emerging post-communist-art hot spot that was 1990s Prague: a living room in upper Northwest DC, where space comes at such a premium that Pomerantz had, in fact, run out of it.

His art collection, by then numbering nearly 600 original works, had taken over the 18-foot-wide Tenleytown rowhouse he shares with his wife. It was stacked up under beds and in closets and also filled the couple’s second residence in Miami. The solution was obvious: build a gallery in the yard.

Read more of the original story here.

Here are a few additional photos of Aaron’s backyard gallery:


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