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The ScooterSphere: How Will eScooters Impact CRE in Tampa?

eScooters are the latest trend in micro-mobility and Tampa is one of the most recent adopters. The City of Tampa has engaged four of the nation’s largest shared motorized scooter vendors to support a year-long pilot program. The objective is to introduce a low-cost method of transportation to enhance mobility and address the “last-mile” needs of downtown Tampa.

Since the first eScooters were dropped in Santa Monica in 2017, providers have spread to 150 American cities, making commuting more efficient – and fun – for riders. But safety concerns, regulations and profitability are still open questions. Will eScooters change the definition of “accessible to public transportation” for some nearby neighborhoods? Will office tenants consider Tampa’s eScooters a legitimate transit option when choosing office space? Do local building owners need to make accommodations?

Consumer adoption and usability will ultimately answer these questions over time. Until then, here’s Cushman & Wakefield’s view of the “ScooterSphere” in Tampa, and beyond.

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