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Tampa Women (WIN)ing: Spotlight On Jessica Mizrahi


Tampa Women (Win)ing

Spotlight On: Jessica Mizrahi

The Tampa office hosted its inaugural WIN event, hosting more than 50 female professionals from the Tampa team for a “Wine with WIN” launch event. Jessica Mizrahi, Tampa Chapter Lead, shared the mission of Cushman & Wakefield’s WIN initiative and proposed plans for the remainder of 2017.

Tampa will be publishing monthly features on the women of the Tampa WIN chapter, their accomplishments and any tips or advice for other women in the commercial real estate field.

To kick-off the series, we interviewed Jessica Mizrahi, Tampa WIN Chapter Lead.

Michelle & Nicole (M&N):  How did you make your first dollar?

Jessica (J): I’ve been working since I was 15! Babysitting was my first source of income, but I had various jobs – the Limited Too, an ice cream shop, a BBQ place, a lifeguard. I made my first dollar in multiple places! I’ve never NOT worked, I’ve always self-sustained myself.

M&N: Where did you go to college?

J: West Virginia University and I LOVED it! I am a legacy of the university so I was also lucky enough to receive a scholarship; however, even with that scholarship I’m STILL paying back student loan debt 10 years later — true definition of a Millennial!

M&N: What was the most useful class you took in college and are you still using it today?

J: I majored in journalism and public relations and minored in English. I had to read and write a lot, which really helped my writing skills and those carried over well into professional writing.

M&N: What internships / jobs did you have before joining Cushman & Wakefield?

J: I moved to Washington, D.C. after college and worked at Riderwood Village, one of the largest continuing care retirement communities in the country. After Riderwood, I moved to Edge Commercial. After five years in D.C., my family decided to move from Birmingham, AL to Tampa, Florida and I was ready for a change at that point. I got a job at Parkway Properties in Tampa and worked there for two years, and then I made the move to Cushman & Wakefield. I have been here almost three years now.

M&N: Anything you’ve done professionally that makes you face-palm?

J: I’ve been in this business for 10 years now, and I’m still young and dumb and making mistakes. It’s all part of the learning curve that makes us that much better at what we do in our daily careers and in life in general.

M&N: What do you read/listen to/watch every day to stay on top of business trends?

J: I pretty much get all my news from social media – Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram. There isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not researching a person, place, thing or idea on social media. I’m always thinking of what I can learn from what other people are doing and with social media, there’s no end to content, ideas, and what you could be doing.

M&N: What challenges is the CRE industry facing right now?

J: It goes without saying that we need more women in the industry, especially in the Industrial sector, which is the division of real estate I work in day in and day out. I recently attended an industry conference and out of the 700 brokers in attendance, only 35 women were present. It’s going to take years for women to accurately be represented in commercial real estate, but if next year I attend the same conference and there are 40 women, and the following year there are 45 women, and on and on and on…that’s growth and that’s the progression that we need to gradually make a noticeable impact.

Jessica Mizrahi is an Associate on the Tampa Industrial Brokerage team, an all-female team comprised of Jessica, Julia Silva Rettig, Shannon Nehrig and Michelle McMurray. This team has worked together to either lease or sell more than 3.8 million square feet of transactions between 2016 and 2017 year-to-date.  You can follow Jessica on Twitter @JIndustrial_TPA.

About the Interviewers:

Michelle McMurray is the industrial research analyst for the Tampa Bay markets, as well as the co-author of the Millennial on Millennial (blog). You can follow Michelle on Twitter @michellemccre.



Nicole Grzywacz is the Florida Marcom Lead, co-leading the state of Florida’s Marketing efforts with Nick Campbell. She is lover of memes, track changes in Microsoft Word and #hashtags. You can follow Nicole on Twitter @Cubolak403. 


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