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Last Mile: Florida as a Leading E-Commerce Market

By Florida Research Manager: chris.owen@cushwake.com

Part 2 of our Last Mile series looks at how Florida is in the forefront of shifting retail landscapes and service deliveries. . As the retail buying experience moves more online, the connections between retailers and consumers are critical to the success of many e-commerce companies. “Last Mile” locations and the speed with which purchased items can be delivered to people’s front door are driving a significant amount of real estate activity in major markets throughout the state.

The report highlights trends in urban core submarkets and focuses on the availability of space and changes in rental rates as well as construction activity. As “direct-to-consumer” service delivery becomes more pervasive, residents and local governments will eventually push back on last mile locations in dense residential areas due to the added traffic, congestion and inconvenience. We are already seeing these changes manifest in the innovative ways some e-commerce companies are experimenting with package delivery.

To read more, click here to download the infographic.

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