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Odalys Bueno Celebrates 30 Years with Cushman & Wakefield!

by Nicole Grzywacz

Cushman & Welcome congratulates Odalys Bueno for 30 years of service with our company!

Milestone Moment_Odalys Bueno_30

Odalys has been welcoming guests to our Miami office with her positive energy, endless smile and sunny personality for the past three decades. Odalys graciously accepts any and all challenges we may throw at her and her kindness is recognized by clients and visitors alike.

In the past 30 years, what has changed the most is answering phones. There was no voicemail back then, so she took up to 100 messages a day!

Without a receptionist, there’s no way an office could go about its day-to-day and we are so grateful to Odalys for everything she does.

Congratulations and thank you for 30 great years!

Now on a personal note….

In her free time, Odalys likes to read, shop and play with her grandchildren.

In 30 years, she hopes to be retired, traveling and just having fun!

She takes her coffee strong with milk and sugar.


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