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San Francisco Bay Area women come together to discuss leadership techniques

On April 24, the San Francisco Women’s Integrated Network (WIN) chapter at Cushman & Wakefield hosted approximately 30 women for an interactive and dynamic session led by executive and leadership coach, Kim Morrow of Forte Consulting. The event was open both to internal Cushman & Wakefield employees and female clients.

The topic was “Harnessing the Power of Voice” where strategies were discussed and reviewed for women to utilize their ‘voice’ to become more vocal and visible in the workplace.

The interactive discussion addressed the following:

  • When it comes to having a strong voice in business, what gets in the way/makes it challenging?
  • Assertion – a definition and the differences between being assertive and being aggressive.
  • Strategies for being assertive in our words/language and our non-verbal behaviors.
  • Tips for dealing with interrupters and other challenging situations.

Client feedback was positive as showcased in emails received after the event:

“I have found the last two sessions I attended with Kim extremely helpful. She creates such a wonderful and important dialogue regarding women’s issues. Thanks so much for inviting me!”

Heather Belfor- Rosen Consulting Group

“Last night’s session was so great! My coworkers are super happy they came (they’re even trying to practice some of the tips today).”

Jacky Iniguez- UBS Realty Investors

Rhonda Diaz Caldewey leads the San Francisco chapter of the Women’s Integrated Network, a successful Cushman & Wakefield diversity and inclusion initiative with the mission of accelerating the advancement of women at the firm. The programming includes speakers, panels, fireside chats, industry training and networking to promote collaboration, career growth and open conversations with leadership about actionable plans, and to serve as a prototype for the country.

The firm’s Women’s Integrated Network has grown to 39 chapters in the Americas in a short period of time and will continue to expand globally throughout the year. It is the largest employee resource group within the company with more than 2000 members. By sharing information, best practices, education, and experience, the group helps to develop important leadership skills and career advancing opportunities.

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