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Economic Music: C&W Holiday Research Update


Reputable and established Bay Area commercial real estate companies are known for providing top notch data and research on a myriad of topics including the economy, retail trends, the state of the CRE industry, and capital markets. Naturally, Cushman & Wakefield’s San Francisco research team is among the most respected and quoted in the industry.

An integral member of the Cushman & Wakefield, North American research team is Rob Miller, Director of Capital Markets and Forecasting. He specializes in economic and real estate market analysis, consulting and institutional investment research across all major commercial property sectors and all major U.S. markets.

rob-millerAfter the valuable and seemingly endless data collection and research reports are fine-tuned, edited and published, Miller passionately pursues an outside activity that one wouldn’t normally associate with a seasoned real estate economist. When he walks away from his two giant monitors and Excel spreadsheets, he leaves San Francisco’s famously booming Central Business District, and practices (Miller sings bass) with an established choral group known as The San Francisco Bay Area Chamber Choir.

The choir was founded in 1978 and sings under the direction of Anthony Pasqua, who was named the choir’s new Music Director in May 2011. Since its origin, the choir has been highly acclaimed for its sensitive and exciting performances of extremely varied and demanding literature. The choir usually maintains a roster of 30-40 singers.


About half of the choir members are church or synagogue musicians or music educators; the rest work in fields such as medicine, accounting, teaching, and computer programming, (and real estate) but are also highly skilled and dedicated musicians.

Enjoy one of Rob’s Recent Performances

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