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Cushman & Wakefield Executives & Staff Opine Confidently on Superbowl Outcome



We’re Number One
Recently, the San Francisco Business Times announced that Cushman & Wakefield was the number one commercial brokerage in The City by the Bay. We achieved this coveted distinction through hard work, focus, attentive client interaction, collaboration, Thought Leadership, innovation and  crossing t’s and dotting i’s.

Super Sunday: See it Live for $3,287
However, today our thoughts, while still focusing on remaining at the very top of our game, are on what team shall hoist the Lombardi Trophy and win Superbowl 50.

A number of us are huge NFL fans, and for those who wished to see Peyton and Cam live  in Silicon Valley , last minute nosebleed seats were still available at a real bargain: Try $3,287 a pop.

Other Cushman & Wakefield staff tune in to the NFL occassionaly ……and some would frankly rather go to the mall or skiing at Squaw Valley. Here’s what some of us think will transpire on Super Sunday.

Superbowl Predictions: Reality vs. Surrealism

Grant Lammersen ( Serious Broncos Fan)
Executive Director
Capital Markets Group
San Francisco

“27-21 Broncos! Peyton MVP with 3 TD passes 0 Ints, 267 yards passing.”


Garrett Mills
Associate Director
Brokerage Services

“Broncos 30  – Panthers 27: Payton Manning rushes for go ahead touchdown with 1:03 on the clock. Von Miller sacks Cam Newton on final play to win. Payton Manning wins MVP and tells the world that it was a team effort and that he “couldn’t be happier for these guys.” Lots of high fives, lots of joy. Go Broncos.”


George Eckard
Executive Director
Capital Markets Group
San Francisco

The Panthers will win.  Why?  Their coach, Ron Rivera, is a Cal guy, that’s why. Gary Kubiak went to A&M.  Case Closed!”


Erin Bruner
Senior Marketing Associate
N. California

“Broncos take the win by a field goal with a final score 27-24. Peyton can retire a happy man!”


Jennifer Diego
Broker Coordinator
Walnut Creek

“Of course the Panthers will win!!!  Cam Newton knows his strengths and his team’s strengths and how to use them.  It’s called CONFIDENCE!!!”


Larry Wolfert
Senior Vice President
Global Occupier Services
N. California

“Peyton finally has the great Super Bowl performance that has been expected posting big numbers.  Carolina surprises the experts by easily moving through the Denver defense.

Down 30-27, Cam comes through and shows his leadership with a final drive for the ages.  Later that night Cam and Stephen Curry are seen celebrating their weekend victories.”


Sam Wasserstein
Brokerage Services
San Francisco

“27-24 Broncos.The Panthers defense has looked unstoppable, but something tells me Peyton has one last trick up his sleeve.  While the eye test says the Panthers should win, the obvious choice never seems to be the right choice.  Cam Newton’s arrogance and swagger will finally catch up to him and he’ll throw a critical INT with the game on the line.  Go Warriors!”


John McManus
Executive Vice President
Brokerage Services

“Panthers 35-10 – Too bad we have to remember Peyton this way.”


Maritza Maldonado
Brokerage Assistant
Silicon Valley

“The Carolina Panthers are going to dominate in Super Bowl 50! Cam Newton and Crew are on a roll and I don’t see them letting that stop on Sunday. I’m going with 27-17, Carolina!”


Eugene McGrane
Senior Director
Walnut Creek

“What’s the Superbowl? I predict Hufflepuff will fall to Slytherin 210 to 10 after Peter Ponderous captures the golden snitch. We’re reading Harry Potter in my house if you couldn’t tell.”


Joshua Deale
PR/Marketing Coordinator
N. California

“Carolina wins 28-23 as its defense fends off a potentially game-winning drive by Peyton Manning in the final 2 minutes. Unless, The Sheriff pulls off the incredible game-winning drive as the sun sets on SB 50 and his brilliant career, then 30-28. Otherwise, Carolina wins big 37 – 19. And Manning returns next year—on a team in a hotter climate.”


LaTisha Robinson
Reception & Administration
N.California HQ

“I don’t know much about NFL, but I’m going to say the Broncos take this with a big win: 50 – 0.  That prediction should be rather far – fetched….but either Go Big or Stay Home!”

Susie Hall
Associate Director
Retail Services
San Francisco

“Prediction for Super Sunday?  Nobody on the mountain at Squaw Valley…….. which is where I’ll be.”


Derek Daniels
Senior Research Analyst
San Francisco Research

“27-13 Carolina. Denver’s defense will put up a good fight, but it won’t be enough to slow down Cam. When it’s all said and done the Panthers will be hoisting the Lombardi trophy as the crowd roars in Santa Clara, breaking the current NFL decibel record and making Levi’s stadium the loudest venue in professional sports! Quote me!”


Dedrick Allen
IT Support Analyst
N. California

“It will be a defensive battle, Manning will be flustered throughout the contest. However, Cam will resort to instinct and Panthers will prevail. 21– 17, With Panthers as Supebowl 50 champs.” 


Mike Kirner
Senior Marketing Associate & Storyteller

“Peyton Manning, clearly on the verge of saying goodbye to the NFL forever, will wake up on Sunday morning pondering the fact that this is his last gig as a superstar. He will be sharp and decisive knowing that he will be remembered for this final performance ; he will be more agile than ever.

Cam Newton, brimming with youthful confidence, will naturally have moments of predictable brilliance, but the Broncos defense will stop him in his tracks more often than not. Manning’s  offensive line ( Peyton made this team great again)  will not let him down on his last game,  and his receivers will run crisp routes and make the catches they needed to win. 31 – 17 Broncos win.”

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