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Cushman & Wakefield Future Leaders and Women’s Integrated Network Team Up with St. Anthony’s Dining Room to Help Serve Seniors

Earlier this month on May 2, the Bay Area and San Francisco chapters of Cushman & Wakefield’s Future Leaders (CWFL), a network of rising professionals within the firm that encourages professional development, and Women’s Integrated Network (WIN), whose mission is to develop and support the talents of Cushman & Wakefield women team members, joined together for a day of voluntary service at St. Anthony’s Dining Room. St. Anthony’s Foundation is a food service organization located in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco with a focus on community—both for the people serving, and those who they serve.

We had a remarkable turnout of 16 volunteers from Cushman & Wakefield who participated in the farmers market, a weekly event put on for seniors in the community to be able to get fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats, all free of charge. The farmer’s market collaborates with the San Francisco Food Bank, to provide food to low-income senior citizens in the neighborhood. Cushman & Wakefield’s volunteers hailed from our San Francisco and North Bay offices and included (alphabetically): Kerri Chase, Krissy Daily, Amy Downs, Mike Goodwin, Olive Ho, Hope Keaney, Kat Kozlowski, Samantha Low, Trina Mui, Ariana Nash, Austen Peterson, Shawn Reese, Shane Smith, Patrick Symes, Courtney Trunnell, and Ricky Zhang.

On behalf of the group, Krissy Daily expressed, “Our team really enjoyed being part of this important effort. St. Anthony’s is a wonderful organization that does so much for our community. It was privilege to give back and to help those in need. We all had a wonderful time and enjoyed meeting so many people, even if for a brief moment.”

It was an incredible event, with approximately 75 seniors coming through the dining room. Shane Smith said, “A special and humbling part of this experience was that many of the people who came to the market did not speak English, but were still able to communicate their appreciation and joy that they had towards us for helping them. There was not a single person that did not either say or gesture a sign of thanks to each of our volunteers.”

St. Anthony’s Foundation has served over 42 million people over six decades. Providing essential support to San Franciscans living in poverty since 1950, the foundation serves 2,400 meals every day, provides 150 people with fresh, clean clothing, and supports 70 people each day with addiction recovery services. For more information or to help donate or volunteer, please visit https://www.stanthonysf.org/

The effort was part of Cushman & Wakefield’s dedicated Week of Service commitment. Scroll further below for additional photos of our day with St. Anthony’s Dining Room.

Cushman & Wakefield Future Leaders (CWFL) was created to foster the future leadership talent of our firm. The members of this group strive to advance their careers, the Cushman & Wakefield brand, and the firm’s vision to drive meaningful value to our clients. The group’s mission is to create a network of rising professionals within Cushman & Wakefield which, through continuing education, collaboration, communication and community service, will grow individually and collectively.

The Women’s Integrated Network (WIN) was created to accelerate the advancement of women working at Cushman & Wakefield. By sharing information, best practices, education, and experience, members of this group help one another develop leadership skills and career advancing opportunities. The group’s mission is to develop and support the talents of our women team members, and have meaningful impact on the firm’s performance.

For more information on each of these employee resource groups along with others at Cushman & Wakefield that are all dedicated to diversity and inclusion, please click here.

























Story by Joshua Deale, Communications Manager

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