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750+ Attend Cushman & Wakefield’s Annual Event: The State of Real Estate, San Francisco

By Mike Kirner – Senior Marketing Associate & Storyteller – N. California

Thought Leadership Mixed with Humor: Welcome to The City by the Bay
On Thursday, January 28th, a well – heeled and sartorially resplendent crowd of over 750 real estate professionals, clients and Cushman and Wakefield brokers and staff enjoyed an informative and lively evening at San Francisco’s elegant Yerba Buena Gardens, located next door to SFMOMA, the West Coast’s most progressive and well attended Museum of Modern Art. The two hour event consisted of a program featuring current real estate statistics, economic data and Thought Leadership insights.


The Presenters
The presenters included Global President Tod Lickerman ( pictured above), Northwest US Market Leader Mike Kamm, Global Chief Economist Kevin Thorpe and Northwest Research Leader Robert Sammons.


Left to Right: JD Lumpkin, Karen Vincent, Brandon Bain

Also presenting were National Retail Research Lead Garrick Brown, newly appointed San Francisco Market Leader JD Lumpkin, Executive VP Enterprise Client Solutions Karen Vincent, Executive Managing Director of Capital Markets Janice Stanton, Managing Director Brandon Bain and eCommerce and Electronic Fullfillment Group Leader Ben Conwell.  It was a veritable meeting of minds of outstanding and sought after commercial real estate experts with incredibly long, yet interesting titles.


Kevin Thorpe: Global Chief Economist

Hot Topics
Working together to present a fluid, well – rehearsed and at times humorous program, the group of seasoned Cushman & Wakefield real estate pros both educated and amused the attendees simultaneously.

Among other current hot topics, the presenters opined on the state of commercial real estate, interest rates, e-commerce, retail, key metrics to watch in the future, inflation, the issues involving China and of course the inevitable and omnipresent question of “ When will the Bubble burst?”  Included among the more interesting facts and figures were the national statistics regarding the expected economic impact of the upcoming Super Bowl, which will likely exceed $14.5 Billion.


Social Soiree
Following the event, a soiree featuring a gigantic, indoor replica of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge served as a backdrop for a magical and massively attended cocktail hour. This is where power brokers snacked on elegantly prepared hors d’oeuvres (always liked spelling that word)  and mingled with admininstrative staff and the bevy of hard working Cushman & Wakefield volunteers who relaxed and posed for photographs after a full week of activity and supreme attention to details.

event cushman


The Press
Also in attendance, and taking frantic notes throughout the event, were members of the local press, including popular SF Business Times reporters Roland Li, SF Biznow’s wordsmith Angela Nagel, co – publisher of The Registry Heather Bosanac and likely a few others. Immediately following the event, Roland Li taped two five minute videos featuring both Tod Lickerman & Mike Kamm.

SFBT-logoSee Tod Lickerman & Mike Kamm Business Times Videos Here – Sign Up for Free Account


Capital Markets Expert Janice Stanton Answers Questions



Bravo, Mark: Kudos to The State of Real Estate Team
Kudos to the man who spearheaded the entire event: Mark Bollozos, Head of Sales Support & Effectiveness, Americas, who clearly is about as detail oriented as one could possibly fathom; Justin Delatorre, who never appeared anxious, despite intense pressure and having to spell check about 1,000 name tags; Designer Liz Dreesen, who helped to augment a brand with her consistent, well crafted efforts and visual execution ( even the mobile bars featured customized event signage) ; Northwest Market Leader Mike Kamm, who notices typos faster than I do ( How is that possible?) ; Garrick Brown, who if he really really wants, could likely host a television show starring himself; Robert Sammons, who is always calm, collected and knows what he’s talking about; and who can possibly forget the patient Security Guard at Yerba Buena Gardens, who was visibly puzzled that this glib, stocky, bald Cushman & Wakefield marketing  guy kept running in an out of the backdoor coordinating press interviews.

#CWForecast: Tweet Tweet
Also worthy of honorable mention is the incredibly nimble crew of local and national tweeters and the host of retweeters who created and posted well crafted, continuous, informative, newsworthy, and on time messaging to promote this annual commercial real estate event online.

Backstage & Backdoor Buzz
Cushman & Wakefield’s Senior Marketing Associate ( that’s me) did what he could to pitch in, tweet live in virtual darkness, accommodate photographers with giant lenses and reporters hungering for content and juicy real estate data, shake hands with dignitaries, and escort people and support staff through the long, dark and cavernous corridors of the theater’s backstage.

This is where the Green Room, the VIP room and Dressing Room #2 was bustling with live video interviews and carefully wrapped sandwiches cut in half. Here, many of the aforementioned Cushman & Wakefield senior executives answered questions pertaining to the state of real estate in The Bay Area.

Why We Do This: Nurturing The Brand
There are numerous reasons that a company hosts and promotes events like The State of Real Estate. Among the most important are: Promoting our industry Thought Leadership; encouraging online social activity; generating positive press coverage; creating a logical touch point for client and business partners; increasing positive Google indexing for Cushman & Wakefield and continuing our ongoing efforts to cultivate brand awareness. This event accomplished all of these in one, well presented (and fun) package. BOOOM! 

Bravo, Team!


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3 thoughts on “750+ Attend Cushman & Wakefield’s Annual Event: The State of Real Estate, San Francisco

  1. Mike Kirner - Senior Marketing Assoc. - N. CA

    thanks, Tom and Michelle for checking in and providing thoughful comments. The Cushman & Wakefield event team really can be proud of what they did……and the speakers definitely delivered the goods as well! Cheers.

  2. Michelle Reyes - Project Manager Project & Development Services - SF

    What a fabulous event! I loved the energy and the blend of statistics with humor (numbers can be fun). Kudos to the team that executed this event. Loved the story above too. Well written…… Well done!

  3. Tom Duwe - CEO SMG CORP SF

    I doubt that few expected for this C&W annual state of the RE state event to give the Super Bowl extravaganza and surrounding hoopla a run for its money! On a serious note, nevertheless, well done team and a well deserved rest for the bald, stocky German marketing guy who shuffled in and out of back doors all day and from what I’ve seen at least, generated good press. Until next year, Ladies and Gents!

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