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Sacramento Asset Services Team Lends a Helping Hand

Earlier this year, Cushman & Wakefield’s Sacramento Asset Services Team decided it was time to lend a helping hand to the community.

The team volunteered and made a big difference in the cleanup and refurbishing of two local elementary school gardens in West Sacramento (Riverbank and Westmore Oak Elementary).

The mission was to assist in providing hands-on learning experiences through the creation of edible school gardens, which ultimately teaches young students sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Outfitted with shovels, rakes, pick axes and gardening tools in hand, together, the Cushman & Wakefield staffers joined the West Sacramento School Gardens organization.

The collaborative group of volunteers prepared various plant beds, planted flowers and vegetables, leveled the land to make it safe for students, weeded and cleaned all areas and created an ideal learning environment for the children.

Today, the elementary students are able grow their own vegetables and eat what they grow for their own lunches.

Among the group of volunteers were Cushman and Wakefield’s Irfaan Ramzan, Patrice Griffith, Trude Hursh, Erica Bearden, Susan Griffin, Emmanuel Simmons and David Mastro.

Friends and family volunteers included Shalisa Ramzan, Adina Lopez, Ikaika Grifith, and Mateo Griffin.

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