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Women Supporting Women – International Women’s Day

Christie Veldhuizen is the Designated Broker and Vice President of Operations for the Cushman & Wakefield office in Phoenix. She manages the local operations for the full-service commercial real estate firm with 150 licensees and a total headcount of 250. Her focus is creating clear solutions for brokers and staff, while maintaining a positive and fun workplace culture.


How will you continue to #PressForProgress?

I will continue to honor and shine a light on the outstanding women in our workplace – and all aspects of life. As an advocate for women in the workplace, I support and elevate the women around me to create a work environment that is the best that it can be. In today’s world, workplace culture is key and I believe women are a big part of that.

Why do you celebrate International Women’s Day?

International Women’s Day is a day to celebrate the amazing achievements of women around the world and to remind us to continue to make progress towards equality. I have sat on a number of women driven boards, including Arizona Commercial Real Estate Women (AZ CREW) and Cushman & Wakefield’s Women’s Integrated Network (WIN), and am grateful for the past and present progress that we have made and am excited to see where the future generations take us.

Why is diversity important in the workplace?

Having a diverse workforce is fundamental to the future success of any company. Embracing and building up diversity helps our colleagues feel supported and empowered which will improve our retention rate and create a happier, balanced workforce. A workplace made up of different perspectives, experiences, histories and backgrounds produces creativity and fresh ideas for a more well-rounded business.

Why do you work in commercial real estate, a predominantly male driven industry?

I like breaking the mold. I believe that women bring a unique perspective to the table, which can be leveraged and well received at a table full of men.

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