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Tips from a Property Manager’s Summer Survival Guide


Monsoons. Haboobs. Scorching hot temperatures.

Welcome to summer in Phoenix.

In Arizona, summer is the most difficult season to prepare for. This is due to the fact that weather conditions are unpredictable and can change from day-to-day, and sometimes even hour-to-hour. Everyone knows that the summer months in Phoenix come with triple digits but is your property ready for torrential downpours? Or what about hazardous dust storms?

Phoenix property owners and managers need to be ready for anything that may be thrown their way this summer. Here are a few tips to help get you through the unpredictable summer months, so that you can enjoy all the good things that summer has to offer – less traffic, vacations and happy tenants!

  • Trim the Trees. Plants and trees can pose a problem during monsoons and haboobs if they are damaged by harsh winds and excessive rain, which becomes a safety issue. Tree trimming is essential for summer preparation since winds can easily blow the trees over, if the canopies are too heavy.
  • Don’t Overwater. For landscaping purposes, have irrigation water cycles adjusted to keep ground saturation low. Overwatering can make the ground too soft, causing trees to fall over in heavy winds.
  • Tidy Up the Outdoors. Bring all outdoor seating areas and furniture inside each night before you leave the property or if you suspect a storm coming. You don’t want your furniture getting damaged by the elements but more importantly you don’t want the wind to escape with a patio chair and have it end up through a window.
  • Reset HVAC. Buildings normally set their temperatures to kick on around 6-7 a.m. to start regulating the climate before people start piling in. In the summer, you should start cooling down the buildings starting at 4-5 a.m. in order to fully cool the space so that it’s comfortable for tenants. Also, don’t forget to replace all A/C filters regularly to ensure maximum airflow. The dirtier the filters get, the harder the A/C unit has to work to get the building cool.
  • Keep Hot Air Out. Keeping the heat out and the cold air in is vital in the battle against the heat in Phoenix. Check all windows and doors for any signs of gaps or leaks that could be letting the hot air in.
  • 24/7 Response. Make sure your tenants know that you are available 24/7, for any emergency that may arise this summer. A quick response is the most invaluable asset you can provide to an owner or manager.

Being prepared for whatever Arizona summers throw your way, while also trying to stay cool in the impossible heat, is no easy task. While the summers may be unpredictable, if you take some of these tips and tricks into consideration from Cushman & Wakefield Property Management to keep your assets comfortable, being prepared will help ensure a smooth summer; no matter what Mother Nature may bring. Or better yet, contact the Cushman & Wakefield Property Management group and talk to them about ongoing management services for your commercial building year-around.

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