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Phoenix Asset Services Celebrates Earth Day 2019

Cushman & Wakefield celebrated Earth Day’s 49th year, a worldwide movement to celebrate the beauty of our earth and inspire action to preserve our environment, and has accomplished:

  • Seventh year recognized as an ENERGY STAR Partner – we received the ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year – Sustained Excellence Award.
  • Asset services more than doubled LEED certified square footage for clients in 2018.
  • Asset Services and GOS colleagues provided leadership in the LEED certification of 12 million square feet in 2018.

To go along with Earth Day’s theme of 2019, ‘Protect Our Species’, our Phoenix Asset Services team handed out succulents to several different tenants to focus on how human activity has led to the destruction and reduction of plant and wildlife populations.

Along with the gifts, the Phoenix Asset Services team also provided tips on how tenants can make small changes at home and at work to have a large impact on major causes such as climate change, deforestation, habitat loss, trafficking/poaching, unsustainable agriculture and pollution:

  • Reduce or eliminate pesticides and fertilizer at home. Many pest companies offer sustainable solutions to take care of pests without the harmful chemicals
  • Properly dispose of medications and chemicals. Never flush them down the drain!
  • Plant a diversity of pollinator friendly species in your home or work gardens
  • Support local, organic farmers. Purchasing organic, local food prevents habitat degradation, pollution, and potential for invasive plant and wildlife species.
  • Use sunscreens that are oxybenzone-free.
  • Reduce energy, water, and waste consumption: Reducing consumption conserves resources and helps mitigate climate change.
    • Energy: Reducing the demand for energy reduces the need to use more land for energy-related resources and production.
    • Water: Careful and considerate water use protects our rivers, lakes, ocean, and water ways from drying up or becoming polluted.
    • Waste: Following sustainable purchasing principles reduces the demand for more resources such as trees, minerals, harmful plastics, water, and many more.

To learn more on how you can take action, take a look at Cushman & Wakefield’s How to Save Energy at Work and Home infographic here.

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