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Patti Martin Celebrates 41 Years of Services

Patti Martin began her career with Cushman & Wakefield 41 years ago, at the age of 19. The core characteristics of the Cushman & Wakefield brand are client-centric, highly collaborative, innovation through diversity, relentless curiosity and professional excellence. Since joining the company in 1976, Patti has routinely exemplified these characteristics. To shed light on Patti’s long service with our firm we asked her to put together a timeline, outlining her memorable experiences over the years. Congratulations to Patti Martin on celebrating 41 years of service with Cushman & Wakefield!


Starting as a receptionist at Grubb & Ellis, at 19 years old, I loved my new job and was excited about learning the industry.  I handled the phones, deliveries and signage with the use of four sets of Rolodex cards.  Properties were filed with multiple ways for searching and we were growing, so this became very busy and overwhelming.  After three (3) months, one of the brokers tried to get me fired but thank god I was able to overcome that issue!


I told my boss I wanted to grow with the company and utilize my skills.  There were no teams, everything was by division and I worked for the Industrial, Office and Land group; approximately 25 brokers. I was responsible for all their correspondence, including listings and signage.  We used Selectric II typewriters and onion skin paper for duplicate copies, there was a lot of cut and paste in our RFPs.  The brokers I took care of were Don Arones, Greg Dodge and Brian Lee, who are still with the company, along with many others.


This was transforming to the computer age.  Again, I told my boss I wanted to grow and learn new skills.  My boss was having surgery and would miss six (6) weeks of work and needed a back-up.  I took over revenue processing, was the Systems Operator (IT) for our office and continued supporting my brokers and the management team, which at the time included Barbara Peterson, Ron Bennewate and Larry Thompson.  I helped with forecasting and absorption studies and I received the Systems Operator of the Year award from corporate.


Grubb & Ellis was downsizing and let my manager, of 27 years, go.  However, corporate recognized my skills and I was asked by management to take over the Business Operations Manager (BOM) position.  I handled all HR/Payroll related issues, corporate reporting, revenue processing and supported the management team, which included Don Morrow and Bryon Carney.


We lost the support of corporate and became BRE Commercial, LLC (an affiliate office of Grubb & Ellis) where we had to establish our own policies and procedures including a new accounting system, IT and research.  This was a lot of hard work, but very successful.  Christie Veldhuizen became our Controller, who worked closely with our management team, Don Morrow and Bryon Carney.


We terminated affiliation with Grubb & Ellise and joined Cassidy Turley as an affiliate. We were then bought a few years later by Cassidy Turley.  This transition was easy, since we had already established our own policies and procedures.  My role changed some, since we were under corporate once again. Broker teams were created and Denette Barrington took over the admins. Our management team was Christie Veldhuizen, Bryon Carney and Mark Dillon.

January of 2015

DTZ bought Cassidy Turley.  My role didn’t change much during this transition but I was very involved with rebranding all our signage.  The management team at the time was Christie Veldhuizen and Bryon Carney.

September of 2015

Cushman & Wakefield bought DTZ and once again I was very involved with rebranding all our signage. This transition was the most difficult, as their policies and procedures were so antiquated. We had to learn everything from scratch, with a lot of manual processes.  During this time, there was no change to the management team.


I plan to retire after working 45 years with a wonderful group of managers, brokers and staff.

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