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WIN Orlando Looks at the Importance of Self Care

Self-acceptance and self-care — although defined differently by each person — both play a massive role in women’s success in the workplace. Helping members realize that impact was the topic of the Orlando chapter’s panel discussion on August 23. The brainchild of members Tammy Ginader and Ev Rosales, the discussion was an addendum to the regular chapter meeting.

Women tend to be caregivers, the ones who put everybody before themselves, which can be detrimental to their long-term health and success. Tammy and Ev, working as facilitators, opened the discussion by asking WIN members how they each define self-acceptance and self-care. Then they were asked to rate themselves on how well they do each. This led to interesting banter on individual experiences, and ended with advice on how to adopt more of a self-care mentality in each of our lives.

“It’s a topic that does not get discussed very much in the work place,” said Ev. “I felt like it needed to be an open discussion for us to engage with one another and learn from each other’s experiences, and to learn different ways to help one another without it having to be a topic that makes us uncomfortable.”

“In the past two to three years it has become a primary focus in my life to become, overall, happier and healthier,” said Tammy. “We discussed the possibility of bringing in guest speakers or having various topics of discussion. This gave me a rare opportunity to jump at the chance of hosting a topic that I have been so passionate about.”

The discussion was an overwhelming success, with members taking advantage of the opportunity to “compare notes” and use their colleagues’ successes to shape their careers going forward. The chapter voted to continue the discussion with follow-up panels every few months.

“I think this is a great way to truly help women succeed in the workplace,” said Karen Kurta, WIN Orlando Chapter Chair. “Networking events and philanthropy are all good things, but educating women on how to build confidence and lead happy, sustainable careers is invaluable.”

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