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WIN Orlando Food Drive Brings Much Needed Help and Awareness

You don’t have to look very far to find ways to give back this holiday season. Worthy causes are all around us, but did you know there’s perhaps a greater need right in your own neighborhood?

Here in Central Florida, many of the local schools — the same schools we send our kids to everyday — have food pantry programs to assist students in need. They provide bags of snacks to help children get through the day without being hungry, and send home staples to help feed their families over the weekend.

WIN representatives Karen Kurta and Tammy Ginader pose with Tony Napier as they loaded up the donations to take to the school.

The Orlando chapter of Cushman & Wakefield’s Women’s Integrated Network (WIN) learned of the program through one of our own employees, Tony Napier, whose wife is actively involved in the PTA that runs the pantry at Sterling Park Elementary School in nearby Casselberry, Florida. Their program supports about 50 children that need assistance on a weekly basis.

Like other organizations, the Sterling Park PTA is continuously asking for support from the local community, but they find it hard to get assistance from the programs at local supermarkets and big box stores. Those organizations are looking to invest their charitable efforts into programs that serve a larger audience.

Tammy Ginader and Tony Napier wheel carts of donations out the door.

We knew we could help, so WIN chapter leaders Karen Kurta and Tammy Ginader organized a two-week food drive. Posters went up throughout the office, emails were sent asking for support, and we even invited the food pantry program director, Susan Hillman to come in and speak to kick off the drive and help us get a better understanding of the need. She shared heartfelt stories of her experiences with these children with a conference room full of employees eager to hear them.

Our employees responded in a BIG way! The drive was a huge success, generating carts full of food donations and approximately $400 in cash and gift cards. “We were extremely happy with the participation,” said Ginader, “we’re so proud to be able to help a smaller, local organization in such a big way.”

Tony poses with Sterling Park Elementary’s principal, Mrs. Dillard who was thrilled with the donation.

For more information about WIN Orlando, contact:


Karen Kurta
WIN Orlando Chapter Co-Chair
+1 407 541 4401


Tammy Ginader
WIN Orlando Chapter Co-Chair
+1 407 241 3086


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