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Cushman & Wakefield Orlando Lends a Helping Hand

The Cushman & Wakefield Orlando crew teamed up to raise just under $1,000 and donated clothing and other necessities to the Orlo Vista community, recovering from extreme flooding during Hurricane Irma.

L to r: John Skinner, Iris Lawson, Principal Barton-Buggs, Natasha DelRio, Ev Rosales, Andrea Merkel

You may have heard about Orlando’s Orlo Vista neighborhood and their plight during Hurricane Irma. Homes were flooded, streets were inundated with water, and over 200 residents had to be evacuated by the National Guard. Many lost everything.

Cushman & Wakefield contacted Orlo Vista Elementary School school principal, Tamara Barton-Buggs asking how they could help. Armed with a list of needs, the team gathered personal care items, clothing, and other essentials to donate and held an office-wide drive to raise additional funds for the needy families. Team members John Skinner, Iris Lawson, Ev Rosales, Natasha DelRio, and Andrea Merkel delivered the items to a very grateful school staff.

School workers and area residents were grateful for the donations.

The Cushman & Wakefield Florida team is committed to giving back to those in need in our communities and around the world. In honor of Cushman & Wakefield’s Centennial, Cushman & Wakefield in Florida will be highlighting  employees/initiatives giving back throughout the state. Our goal is to spotlight 100 examples of giving back in 2017. 

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