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Minneapolis’s top young employees share how young professionals can make an impact in commercial real estate, and the business world

Too often in commercial real estate, big names with decades of experience get all of the attention. Doubtless, those brokers and property managers do very important and significant work, but there’s also a group of highly skilled younger professionals making a mark in the industry today.

As the largest property management and commercial brokerage company in the Twin Cities, Cushman & Wakefield knows that hiring and grooming young talent is a key ingredient of our success. We’ve found tremendous reward from investing in one of the largest intern programs in our industry and offering valuable professional development opportunities.

In 2017, our professionals won the awards for top young Property Manager and top young Commercial Real Estate Broker in Minnesota. Not only that, it was the second consecutive year Cushman & Wakefield employees had won both honors!

Just why have our young employees been so successful? What are they doing to set themselves apart? We sat down with all four winners to get their secrets, and the article was featured online by Minnesota Business.

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