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Cushman & Wakefield’s Edge Magazine: E-scooters’ impact on CRE will be felt

Edge Vol 2 Preview (image)Minneapolis-St. Paul has had no shortage of headlines over e-scooters, the subscriber-driven, park-anywhere rides that can cut that 10-minute downtown walk in half.

With a fleet of hundreds on the streets – and growing – and hundreds of thousands of trips made already, as well as the more established shared bike and car infrastructure already in place, it’s clear that the shared mobility trend is here to stay. So what could that mean for commercial real estate?

Cushman & Wakefield’s Edge Magazine took a look at how the rise in co-mobility may affect building owners. Among the highlights:

  • Widespread adoption of micro-mobility could lead to increased office space needs for companies leading the trend
  • The same companies could need more data center and industrial space for their manufacturing and data operations
  • Landlords could start considering an increase in amenities geared toward micro-mobility users, such as scooter or bike docks, or repurposing parking for rideshare vehicles.

Check out the full report, as well as the rest of the Edge’s articles, here.

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