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Cushman & Wakefield Workforce Insights: How to retain management talent in the Twin Cities

By: Michael McDermott, Director, Strategic Consulting and Erica Ruder, Director, Strategic Consulting

With the Twin Cities home to more Fortune 500 companies per
capita than any other US city, how do Minnesota employers keep
their management talent?

With so much concentrated corporate superpower, Minneapolis-
St. Paul offers a unique ecosystem of diverse, highly qualified
management talent with skillsets that are transferable between
businesses within the market. It also attracts businesses
to the area so they can locate their offices, especially their
headquarters, near a high supply of management talent.
Across all industries, companies are striving to attract this top
management talent at a reasonable cost.

Assessment of wages and level of competition for experienced and trainable labor in a market should be the first step in testing for long-term sustainability of operations.  Thinking differently about the workplace environment – amenities, policies and technology – is now required to win for the war for talent.

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Michael McDermott is a Director in Cushman & Wakefield’s Strategic Consulting group. Mr. McDermott has 11 years’ experience in strategically aligning real estate with the operational needs of corporate owners and tenants. He is responsible for management of site selection, portfolio optimization and workplace analysis projects from the initial investigation through successful completion. His areas of expertise include headquarters location strategy, labor analytics, urban planning and portfolio rationalization using business intelligence software.


Erica Ruder is a Director in Cushman & Wakefield’s Strategic Consulting group. Erica has more than 10 years’ experience in corporate real estate in both strategy and investment related roles. Focused on the intersection of human capital, real estate and location, Erica develops data-driven recommendations to improve her clients’ real estaterelated operations. Specifically, Ms. Ruder’s area of expertise is centered on the relationship between human resource strategy and labor markets for the purpose of improving corporate real estate portfolios and building competitive advantages.

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