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Wheels in Motion: The LA eScooter Scene First in National Trend

Since the first eScooters debuted in Santa Monica in 2017, providers have spread to 150 U.S. markets, making commuting more efficient—and fun—for riders.

But Los Angeles is officially leading the way with its Dockless Mobility Program from the LA Department of Transportation, which has permitted the companies Bird, Lime, Lyft, and Jump to place over 36,000 electric scooters and bikes across the city.

The program’s launch was a huge success, with approximately 1 million rides taken within the first month, and it’s easy to see why. eScooters are affordable, easy to use, and ubiquitous.

Executive Director Andrew Tashjian

Although most riders use an app to rent scooters on an as-needed basis, Cushman & Wakefield’s Andrew Tashjian saw the potential in eScooters early on and purchased one last year for his personal use. His eScooter, which has his last name emblazoned on it, allows Andrew to travel quickly between his listings in Downtown LA.

“eScooters are reshaping transportation in Los Angeles. For those tours that are just a little too close to drive, and a little too far to walk, scootering is an excellent choice. It’s less expensive, more fun, and often much faster than driving. With an agency portfolio of over 5 million square feet, I’m always looking for efficiencies and this is the ultimate life hack,” Andrew says.

eScooters are enormously popular and have been widely adopted throughout Los Angeles but safety concerns, regulations, and profitability are still open questions. Will eScooters change the definition of “accessible by public transit” for some neighborhoods? Will office tenants consider them a commuting option when choosing space? Do building owners need to make accommodations?

Check out Cushman & Wakefield’s view of The ScooterSphere and hear from our industry experts—and scooter enthusiasts themselves—about the rise of eScooters.

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