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Broker Pockets Pooch in Industrial Deal


The property and the dog on the day of its rescue, April 2010

When Tim Wallace signed on to sell an industrial building in City of Vernon, he did not expect to come away with a furry new family member. Life’s funny like that.

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Tim Wallace

Tim, who is a Director at Cushman & Wakefield and member of the firm’s Supply Chain Solutions Group, was part of a team engaged by a global pet food manufacturer to sell their property in Vernon, a city south of Downtown Los Angeles composed primarily of industrial areas. He came across an unlikely tenant living in the yard that would later change his life: a stray dog.

The dog, a small mixed breed male, began following Tim around during property tours. Tim started bringing treats for the dog, who was friendly but barked often and kept its distance, never getting too close. As the escrow closing date approached, Tim wondered about the dog’s future and asked the plant manager to keep him in mind.

Around lunch time on a Friday, Tim received a call from the plant manager alerting him that the stray dog had been clipped by a car and appeared in need of urgent medical attention. If he still wanted the dog, it was now or never. Tim quickly contacted Eldad Hagar at the local animal rescue “Hope for Paws” for assistance. Together they were able to corral the frightened dog and secure it.

“He was shaking throughout the process,” Tim said. “He didn’t know where he was going or what was happening but eventually understood we weren’t there to hurt him.”

Tim and Eldad rushed to the vet where the dog was treated for its injuries and given shots. The vet guessed it to be a Pomeranian/Labrador mix around a year old.


Tim and Mars today

That night Tim brought the dog home and adopted him. The former stray, now named Mars, has been living the good life ever since.

“Mars thinks he is one of the humans,” said Tim. “He loves hanging out and watching football. He has become one of the most loyal and protective dogs we have ever had.”

“Hope for Paws” is a 501c-3 non-profit animal rescue organization in Los Angeles. They rescue dogs and all other animals who are suffering on the streets and in the shelters. To learn more, visit www.hopeforpaws.org

mars after

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