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Why Taylor & Mathis Joined Forces with Cushman & Wakefield.


In August 2016, Hank Brenner and Brian Gale sold their agency leasing, property management, and development firm, Taylor & Mathis, to Cushman & Wakefield. The acquisition made Cushman & Wakefield the second largest property management firm in Florida with a combined portfolio of 41 million square feet (msf) and grew the overall size of our Florida market by 120 real estate professionals. When it comes to life, and real estate, Brenner and Gale strive for the best. While their proven relationships include key clients such as MetLife, AEW, UBS Realty Investors, The Brookdale Group, PGIM Real Estate, and IP Capital, the duo also shares carefully honed, bold leadership skills, a passion for excellence, and a client-first mentality.

Q: At Taylor & Mathis, what was your competitive advantage?

HANK:  Our priority was, and always will be, to provide a  superior level of service to our clients. In the service business, there are no second chances. You only have one opportunity to make a good impression. Do it right the first time, and do it right every time after that. And, know you can’t do it without great people. They’re the best asset any company can have, and the critical infrastructure to delivering superior results that foster long-standing client relationships and loyalty.

Q: How would you describe yourself as a leader?

BRIAN:  My leadership philosophy isn’t to tell people how to work and what to do, but to show them through my actions. People tend to emulate leaders they respect. It’s a great model for building a highly-effective and successful team.

Q: How do you personally define success?

BRIAN: I don’t define success by the amount of money made, the number of clients served, or the number of buildings in a portfolio. I define success as existing in total balance. Life is a balancing act of competing priorities— family, friendships, work, hobbies—and finding a balance can be really challenging. I believe people that achieve balance in their lives are the ones that achieve success.

Q: What were your cultural concerns when selling your business?

HANK:  At the end of the day, our clients were our main concern. I questioned whether or not selling the company was the best thing for them, and whether or not we would compromise our client relationships. After questioning the decision to sell, and evaluating it in every way possible, Brian and I came to the conclusion that it was the best thing; we have incredibly strong people who are driven and passionate about serving our clients. We were confident our people would effectively navigate the new corporate environment. By leveraging new relationships and resources, we can continue to drive exceptional value for our clients without any interruption in service, and we thought we would win more often.

Q: What made Cushman & Wakefield an ideal partner for Taylor & Mathis?

HANK: When looking to sell Taylor & Mathis, we had a number of great options to consider. Money wasn’t the only driver; Cushman & Wakefield wasn’t our highest offer. While the resources Cushman & Wakefield provides are great and impressive, the people and the culture were the true differentiator that ultimately drove our decision.

BRIAN: A corporate culture is defined when a company’s employees have a shared vision and priorities. Cushman & Wakefield’s overall corporate culture defines its brand. It has a strong legacy and bright future, supported by incredible people. It’s exactly what we were looking for.

Q: You successfully completed a merger with a global firm, but you’re not finished yet. What’s next for you?

BRIAN: One thing I didn’t fully comprehend before we sold our business to Cushman & Wakefield was the robust cross-selling business and the incredible opportunities that brings. I worried about potentially losing the niche of Taylor & Mathis, but my perspective has completely changed. Our niche remains, and we now have a host of services to offer our clients and are able to provide well-rounded solutions. It’s expanded the horizon, and I find myself more excited every day as we find more opportunities for our clients!

HANK: It’s never about what I did yesterday; it’s not what I’m doing today; but, it’s about what I’m doing tomorrow for my clients. I realize it’s not all about winning, but I’m a “hate to lose” guy. So, whatever I do tomorrow, I don’t want to lose. I’m going to make sure we are the first, best, and only choice for our clients and that we are improving on what we did for them yesterday.


     Hank Brenner, Managing Principal, Investor Services

   Brian Gale, Vice Chairman, Office Brokerage Services




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