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How Does Florida Fit Into Global Supply Chains?

The 2017 Florida Logistics Report highlights how Florida fits into global supply chains. The report examines all of Florida’s major markets (Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa Bay, Lakeland, Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade).

Here are key questions raised from the report:

  • How do Florida’s separate markets fit into the overall trade network? Do the larger container ports on the East Coast feed good markets on the Gulf Coast?
  • How well-connected are the logistics networks in each market? Do the ports utilize on-dock links to rail and freeways? What role do intermodal facilities play in cargo movement?
  • How does the logistics network and amount of cargo processed through the port contribute to the health of the warehouse/distribution market?

The Florida economy and utilization of its logistics network is running at full steam, despite the temporary slowdown from Hurricane Irma in September. Nearly every major port was operational within a few days and minimal damage was reported for the warehouse/distribution markets across the state.

Over the next few weeks we will be releasing additional market sections of the report. Below please find the Market Comparison Matrix for a snapshot and comparison of each major market.

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