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Thank You for Supporting Operation Finally Home!

By Tom Dowd

The Cushman & Wakefield and Logistics & Industrial Services platform has been a proud supporter of Operation Finally Home (“OFH”) since 2014. At the industrial conference last year, we introduced you to Lt. Garrett Spears – an Army Veteran who was struck by lightning during a training exercise in preparation for combat deployment. He suffered severe injuries resulting in a long and arduous recovery, needing round-the-clock care.

When we heard about Lt. Spears, we knew we wanted to help him and his family.  We partnered with OFH to set up a donation page with a goal of raising enough money to build him a mortgage-free home. $75,000 was the amount OFH told us we needed to raise, so we got to work.

Thanks to the generosity and enthusiasm of our clients and colleagues, we raised over $100,000 in what was essentially a 72-hour period!  On behalf of Garrett, his family, OFH, Lennar, and Cushman & Wakefield, I would like to thank everyone who donated. Your generosity is truly making a difference.

The partnership between Cushman & Wakefield and Operation Finally Home continues to build power and reach. Below is a video update on the build of the Spears’ family home – these are your donations at work.

 The Veterans Initiative Program at Cushman & Wakefield is built to carry on the traditions we learned and applied in the military, which is that no man is left behind.  On the contrary, we seek them out and put our arms around them.

Garrett’s values of duty, honor, and country drive his high spirits today and are evidence for us to continue our mission.  His ability to adapt and overcome are found in his daily determination.  We are honored to have the opportunity to support Lt. Garrett Spears and his family as we lean forward and march into the future.

Notes of Love

On May 9th, OFH held an event called “Notes of Love” for Lt. Spears. It takes place at the home construction site right before the drywall goes up. Everyone involved in the build, friends, and family are given the opportunity to write messages inside the walls of Garrett’s home. This date overlapped with the industrial conference, but we still wanted to provide our support, so we provided a challenge coin holder, that was displayed at conference, allowing attendees to leave notes of encouragement and love for Garrett on the back.

This coin holder will be presented to Garrett the day he moves into his new home.

Thank you again to all who donated to this worthy cause. We will provide more updates on the Spears family in the coming months, so please stay tuned.  We also look forward to raising funds again next year to support building a home for another wounded Veteran.

Donate to Operation Finally Home.

Learn more about Cushman & Wakefield’s Veterans Initiative Program.

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