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Industrial Real Estate Benefits from Partnering in Portfolio Strategy, Planning and Implementation

By Greg Schementi

Truthfully a significant portion of industrial real estate occupants do not have a portfolio strategy. In fact, only about 20 percent of companies have actually considered a long-term plan that is well-understood across the business. As for the other 80 percent? They are sorely missing out.

As an industry facing substantial change, success lies in identifying portfolio and market opportunities that optimize efficiency. In terms of high-level strategic planning, there are a few key elements organizations must consider for success. These factors can range from balancing the trade-offs between an optimal location and a viable workforce to achieving business-savvy sustainability goals that incorporate energy reduction and employee wellness.

I recently addressed these key portfolio considerations at the Savannah Professional Forum – my recommendations were shared in Site Selection Magazine.

Whether trying to develop the right type of organization, leverage its service providers, or simply identify its business goals, adhering to a few key development factors can be the catalyst that takes the company’s business strategy to the next level.

Read the full article in Site Selection Magazine HERE.


Greg Schementi is responsible for Cushman & Wakefield’s Portfolio Solutions practice in the Americas ranging from solution development to client care initiatives.   Greg has a background that includes framing end-to-end corporate real estate solutions for multi-national corporations including portfolio strategy, transaction management, project management, data administration and facility management services.

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