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Greece is the Word

Forget Spain for now, events in Greece over the next few days will be setting the tone for Europe for better or for worse. Greek voters go back to the polls on Sunday and clearly face a tough choice, caught between a rock and a hard place.  Surveys have suggested growing support for pro-bailout parties […]

Risks crank up as voters hit back in Europe

Hopes that the Eurozone debt crisis was on its way to being resolved have clearly been hit by recent election results and this continues to test the nerves of the property market, with the opening quarter seeing a fall in leasing and investment activity that was far from limited to just the most indebted markets […]

One step forward, one step back on Europe’s sovereign debt crisis

Last week it seemed we had been saved from collapse as an outline deal emerged to tackle the sovereign debt crisis in the Euro zone but, at best, these gains have now been put on hold by Greece’s decision to hold a referendum on the package. So if it was not clear before, it certainly […]

Should we fear higher interest rates?

So the ECB has now joined others such as Poland and Sweden in raising interest rates to combat inflation. Some fear that this may threaten what is clearly still a fragile economic recovery. In our view however it is unlikely to have a significant short term impact on growth. For one thing it has been […]