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What next for retailer costs?

We keep hearing that the economic recovery is driven more by exports and manufacturing than consumers but retail property markets are starting to look more interesting and, in some cases, more active too.  Retailer demand is still cautious but now reportedly increasing for example, while retail investment in Europe is up 48% this year compared […]

Industrial Real Estate

The economic times remain uncertain. With cautious optimism being offset by fears of a double-dip recession, many people are still questioning where we are headed and hope to gain insight and perspective from the current trends in real estate. We believe that the current industrial landscape, along with the supporting indicators, can provide significant insight […]

The US Investment Sales Recovery: Mom are we there yet?

Global Real Estate Capital Markets Blog Hi, I am Janice Stanton head of Investment Strategies, based in New York.   Together with my international counterparts in London, Paris, Frankfurt, Singapore and Dubai, we will be bringing you capital markets trends and insights into investor activity on a global basis. Kicking off our blog will be an […]

Focus on the Trend

One of the problems with economic analysis these days is the tendency to focus on every new statistic that is released as the most important piece of information about the state of the economy. Very often the data is incomplete, or the month being reported on has been distorted by any of a number of […]

Welcome bloggers!

I’m Maria Sicola, head of our Americas’ research team. We look forward to sharing our insights on real estate market fundamentals with you and hearing your views as well. I’ll be sharing current and trend information on both a national and local basis  for the United States, Canada, Mexico and South America primarily in the […]

Here we go

If you’re reading this then, accidentally or on purpose, you’ve clicked into the Cushman & Wakefield EMEA blog – so welcome! I’m David Hutchings, head of our EMEA research team, and I’m aiming to use this space to share some thoughts on how the region’s real estate market is evolving, what’s driving demand and activity, […]