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Where does Cyprus leave investment planning?

In a generally good first quarter for Europe, we saw better economic and financial market news and much improved confidence which started to produce a change in strategy, with parts of the investment community going “risk-on”. However, starting with Italy’s indecisive election and moving on to the Cypriot “bank sweep”, confidence has been dented in […]

European Office Markets: Better times likely in 2013?

The third quarter of 2012 was not great for the European office sector with leasing and investment activity down and rental growth reversing. However anyone expecting a smooth, demand-driven recovery was pretty much waiting to be disappointed – the road back to any sort of normality was always going to be bumpy and unpredictable. Looking […]

What may emerge from the Eurozone debt crisis?

Recent events in Europe have been deeply destabilising but in time they could potentially lead to some quite welcome changes and could also produce some surprises. Starting with the latest “solution”, a deepening of fiscal links and controls between Eurozone members, this has been widely criticised for a lack of detail and also because it […]

Taking a global view

I’ve just been comparing notes with some of our capital markets team who have been out and about with clients here and around the world and two things stand out: Firstly, how very different have been the experiences of individuals and countries in the recession and hence how varied are the perspectives they now have […]

Here we go

If you’re reading this then, accidentally or on purpose, you’ve clicked into the Cushman & Wakefield EMEA blog – so welcome! I’m David Hutchings, head of our EMEA research team, and I’m aiming to use this space to share some thoughts on how the region’s real estate market is evolving, what’s driving demand and activity, […]