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Growth Returns to Europe

This week the economic update focuses on the emerging recovery in Europe. Economic data released this week points to growth in Europe in the second half of 2013, a positive development for the global economy. There are still risks, but we remain cautiously optimistic that the global economy will continue to transition to stronger growth later this year and in 2014.

What if Greece really did leave the euro?

The Greek election result last month eased us back from the edge of a euro collapse but we still can’t say we have a clear view of where we go from here. The new Greek government may have to soft peddle on its demands to renegotiate its bailout for example- at least ahead of the […]

One step forward, one step back on Europe’s sovereign debt crisis

Last week it seemed we had been saved from collapse as an outline deal emerged to tackle the sovereign debt crisis in the Euro zone but, at best, these gains have now been put on hold by Greece’s decision to hold a referendum on the package. So if it was not clear before, it certainly […]

Should we fear higher interest rates?

So the ECB has now joined others such as Poland and Sweden in raising interest rates to combat inflation. Some fear that this may threaten what is clearly still a fragile economic recovery. In our view however it is unlikely to have a significant short term impact on growth. For one thing it has been […]