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Data Center Snapshot

The U.S. data center market exhibited a robust year of leasing in 2014, building from leasing momentum established late in 2013. The most vibrant markets were Dallas and Northern Virginia, with each geography tallying nearly 40 MW of new data center leases. Dallas, in particular, captured some of the largest wholesale deals in the country […]

Prices Have A Say In Mexico City’s Office Market

What makes a real estate market attractive? Is it high profits for developers? Highly competitive prices for tenants and demand-side investors? Naturally, these are significant drivers for market activity, but in both cases basic economics prevail: People are willing to take a higher risk in exchange for higher returns. Now, the tricky part is how […]

Atlanta’s Industrial Market Sees Record Construction Activity

Industrial construction activity in Atlanta increased dramatically in 2014 ending the year with more than 15 million square feet of inventory under construction, a new record for the market. Although build-to-suit development accounted for the majority of industrial construction activity in recent years (an average of 76% between 2009-2013), 2014 marked a major shift in […]

San Francisco Jobs Hit Record High

According to the latest job numbers released by the State of California Employment Development Department on November 21, total jobs in the San Francisco Metropolitan Division (comprised of San Francisco, San Mateo and Marin counties) continue to climb ever higher – the area, in fact, hit a record high number of jobs in October with […]

Black Friday Comes to Atlanta

C&W’s Retail Research group recently released some facts and figures on Black Friday weekend in the United States. In conjunction with this nationally focused piece, Atlanta’s local research team has provided some data points focused on the upcoming annual shopping event in Atlanta. Since 2006, the national average spending per shopper over Black Friday weekend […]

Chaos At The West Coast Ports: Logistical Nightmare As Congestion Reaches Historical Proportions

The problem, which began in late summer, initially stemmed from a shortage of truck drivers and the chassis that they use to haul containers to and from the Los Angeles shipping terminals. As peak season has begun, there are not enough chassis to handle the peak season container volume. Those shortages had occurred as U.S. […]

Black Friday By The Numbers

My family and I recently moved into a new house that is walking distance to our superregional mall. That means that I can walk through the traffic jams to witness one of the great retail spectacles of the modern era—Black Friday. In many households, a firmly established tradition of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, right up […]

Speculative Construction: Northeast Perspective

For the first time in over 10 years, a significant quantity of speculative construction is taking place in many U.S. cities. Developers have demonstrated renewed confidence in market fundamentals by starting speculative projects in the northeast cites of Boston and New York.

The Corporate View of Sustainability

Sustainable real estate practices have become commonplace for any occupier that leases, owns, or operates corporate facilities. While the degree of emphasis placed on sustainability varies by organization, and is often tied to larger enterprise goals and objectives, a discussion about corporate social responsibility and being “green” is part of almost every occupancy decision made […]

Vacancy Rises As São Paulo Demand Grows

Over the last year and a half, São Paulo vacancy has jumped 3.1 percentage points for all CBD class A properties. Historical analysis of vacancy rates show that 15% is the market’s equilibrium point, so in second quarter 2014 São Paulo officially became a tenant’s market.