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Atlanta Markets Hot Out Of 2014 Gates

It’s no secret by this point that Atlanta is a commercial real estate market that’s back on a hot streak after taking a big hit during the recent Recession. All the fundamentals have been moving in the right direction for months now, and we entered 2014 with plenty of wind at our backs. Dig into […]

Talent Shortage Driving Occupier Decisions

There is currently a war for talent that is keeping executives up at night. In today’s fast-moving, technology driven economy, companies gain competitive advantage through their ability to innovate and create new products and services. Without the right workforce to accomplish this, businesses will quickly lose market share and find themselves unable to compete. A […]

U.S. Weekly Economic Update: Good Signs From Labor Markets

We have long maintained that one of the keys to the strength of the U.S. economy in 2014 will be whether and when firms shift from worrying about costs to worrying about losing sales. When companies are more willing to take risk, they are more aggressive in hiring and when that happens, the pace of […]

Foreign Investment in San Francisco’s Office Market

I recently spoke on a panel for CREW San Francisco discussing the “New Cash Economy: Foreign Direct Investment in Bay Area Real Estate.” I began with a broad overview of the global investment landscape looking at the increase in investment activity over the last several years with a focus on capital flows today versus the […]