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Houston: More Than Energy

Southeast Texas, specifically the Houston-Baytown-Sugar Land 10-county region, has been one of the most consistently productive and growing metropolitan areas in the country for several years. Since the end of 2011, year-over year (YOY) job growth has remained above 3.0% (often exceeding 4.0%), and ended 2013 with an annual increase of 82,000 jobs. This accounted […]

U.S. Employment Update: February’s Employment Thaw

Today’s employment report was positive in a number of ways. It indicates that the slower growth experienced in December and January was likely an anomaly caused by the unusually severe weather and not indicative of a slowdown in the general economy. For the real estate sector, this report is particularly encouraging and strongly supportive of […]

GSA Leasing in 2014: More Velocity, Less Space

Along with the passage of a Federal budget at year-end 2013 came cautious optimism for increased GSA leasing in 2014. Typically representing about a third of new leases in the District, GSA leasing soared to nearly half of all square footage leased in 2009 and 2010 as the impacts of the Federal Stimulus Package took […]