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Happy Christmas or Cold Comfort?

Airports around Europe may have ground to a halt this month as poor weather and delayed flights impacted, but it’s been a more mixed picture for retailers across the region. Even in those parts of northern Europe most affected, (for once it isn’t the south which is suffering), most retailers are hoping this will only […]

Transportation: Recession and Recovery

This latest recession took an especially large toll on the U.S. Industrial markets. While the overall economy lagged with a 3-4% contraction, the Industrial Production Index (production excluding technology) showed a peak to trough drop of 18%. This monumental drop in the industrial markets has had a drastic effect across all transportation sectors and modes. […]

Unburdened Consumers

The recession of 2007-2009 was partially a result of over-leveraging as consumers borrowed beyond their means to purchase goods and services. This was most notable in the housing sector where lending soared, households borrowed far more than they could reasonably be expected to pay back and the resulting mortgage crisis strained the banking system and […]


Employment is the most important economic indicator for the commercial real estate industry and we are always looking for ways to understand what is happening in labor markets and what it portends for the future. One way to look at labor markets that I find useful is to understand why people are losing jobs. If […]

China: To Save or to Spend?

I was recently in Guangzhou, China for the Samsung Securities 2010 Retail Property Conference.  I came away, as many of the participants in the event, awed by this Tier 1 city’s transformation in preparation for the 2010 Asian Games.  Construction was pervasive with both commercial and residential projects sprouting in every part of the city.  […]

Taking a global view

I’ve just been comparing notes with some of our capital markets team who have been out and about with clients here and around the world and two things stand out: Firstly, how very different have been the experiences of individuals and countries in the recession and hence how varied are the perspectives they now have […]