Industrial Real Estate

The economic times remain uncertain. With cautious optimism being offset by fears of a double-dip recession, many people are still questioning where we are headed and hope to gain insight and perspective from the current trends in real estate.

We believe that the current industrial landscape, along with the supporting indicators, can provide significant insight into the future conditions of both the industrial markets and of the economy as a whole. As such, this blog will be dedicated to examining the factors and trends that directly impact both the supply and demand side of industrial real estate and how it will affect both owners’ and tenants’ decision making process in the future.

On the supply side, we will discuss the many drivers of industrial real estate inventory; including existing vacancy rates and their effect of development, build-to-suit trends, speculative development, and how owners are modifying their strategies to mitigate risk.

On the demand side, we will look at the factors that directly affect users’ requirements for space. These may include the more traditional metrics, such as inventory levels, manufacturing volumes, shipping volumes, trends in average facility size, and configurations.

However, beyond the more traditional indicators, we will discuss how looking at a more complex set of variables; including transportation costs, labor costs, potential efficiencies, incentives, 3PL opportunities/audits, inventory optimization, and other factors could have a much greater impact on the overall cost of your logistics network.

The C&W Industrial Services Blog will stay ahead of the curve with the latest market data and trends. Our proprietary analysis is comprehensive and unmatched in the industry.

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