Global Real Estate Capital Markets

Kicking off our blog will be an overview of the market conditions in each of our major global markets beginning with the US in this week’s blog..

The US commercial real estate equity market, has experienced a tremendous rally over the last six months, not dissimilar to what we saw happen in London last year.  Currently,  some of the best assets in the top 5 markets (NY, Washington DC, San Francisco, Boston and Chicago) have recovered to at or near prior peak market pricing.  But the recovery is not uniform, with the top markets benefiting disproportionately.  Read on for where we see the greatest recovery, and opportunity in the coming months…..

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  1. The real estate industry has recovered and there are better options today because of many varying requirements and higher standards. We can now choose a home that can provide the peace of mind and rest that we need after a long day’s work.

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