Round-up: Day 3 and 4 at #MIPIM

The sun was back out in Cannes for the grand finale in the Grand Palais at MIPIM, the last couple of days saw the launch of our second global investment research report entitled ‘The Great Wall of Money’.

It also turned out to be an award winning day from a Cushman & Wakefield perspective but more to come on that later. Firstly, we’re going to look at the fascinating research and panel discussions of Day 3 with a specific focus on Capital Markets, SMEs (Small to Medium Sized Enterprises) and Proptech.

Early on Thursday morning, there was the launch of ‘The Great Wall of Money’ report which looks at; the amount of newly raised capital targeting commercial real estate globally since the onset of the financial crisis, which countries have the most capital to deploy, and the factors affecting cross border investment.

The first panel session of the day was with our Tech Property Specialist, Juliette Morgan, focused around research conducted by the City of London council on ‘Clusters and Connectivity: The City as a Place for SMEs’.

They started with a presentation of the findings from the City of London analysing their prominence in the city as well as the key factors affecting their commercial real estate strategies.

Next they discussed how the surrounding areas of the city had started to blur the City of London boundaries, which the council admitted were becoming more irrelevant to the business occupiers. The influx of SMEs into the city and their prominence in delivering growth means that there’s an opportunity for the City to diversify its food and retail offerings to reflect the culture of SME businesses. Despite remaining a hub for financial services the team representing the City of London said there was certainly a place for SMEs in the city as well.

Finally, there was much talk of the technological infrastructure supporting SMEs in the City and some discourse about the City of London council’s ability to ensure digital connectivity i.e. the process for providing high speed broadband is quick and delivered to a high standard.

Elsewhere, there were numerous discussions taking place about investing into Proptech, dominated by BIM, and how it will affect the future of the profession. See the investor’s guide to Proptech featuring Juliette Morgan for a more detailed view on the topic.

As day 3 wrapped up we invited people to join us for drink and bite to eat on the stand to celebrate St Patrick’s Day.

And then to top it all off, we heard news of a fantastic win for the DUO tower in Paris, the first tower to be built in Paris for over 50 years, which Cushman & Wakefield are letting exclusively. Congratulations to everyone involved in that project!

Day 4 is only a short half day to make any last minute connections and meetings before packing up & heading home which gave us time for reflection as we asked people for their thoughts on the conference in emoji form. We can certainly say we loved every minute of MIPIM and we hope you did too. Until next time.

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