Ps, Paris and Plaice

By Richard Pickering, Head of Futures Strategy

I’m on annual leave this week, and in so place of your usual edition of New Europe, I’m pleased to send you this postcard from Cushman & Wakefield’s new pop-up office (aka my parents’ house) in the glamorous city of Hull. As well as being known as the former UK City of Culture, the birthplace of William Wilberforce, and home to the Beautiful South, you might have heard that Hull is also famed for its fish. Whether this be in the form of the Maritime Museum, the Deep (one of the world’s largest aquariums), the Fish Trail (a fish-themed tour of the Old Town) or Papas (the world’s largest fish and chip restaurant, complete with fish and chip museum); if you’re into fish (and who isn’t) you need to visit Hull. As with other great cities, having a distinctive brand is what draws people to place; Paris spells romance, New Orleans is synonymous with jazz and Rio is all about the Carnival. City branding experts have advocated an integrated approach to: Presence in the form of iconic buildings, a clearly-defined Purpose, Pace (adapting / keeping up), Personality to engage emotions and Power to its people. Right now, I’m more easily swayed by an integrated approach to haddock, chips, mushy peas, bread and butter, and a pot of tea.

Wish you were here!



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