International Woman’s Week 2017 – Valérie Courbier


Valérie Courbier

Valérie Courbier

ROLE: I am a Partner and the Head of Marketing and Communications in France.  I lead a team of nine people who are at the service of our 500+ French colleagues.

KEY ASSIGNMENTS:  Our team provides a wide range of services.  Some 70% of our activity is to act as business support (bids, marketing of properties, generating leads, CRM) but we also manage public relations, digital marketing, internal communication and change management.  Through these activities, we work on innovative projects such as augmented reality, immersive 3D, the internet…our playing field is vast and we never get bored!
INTERESTING FACTS: Before becoming a mother to four children I used to compete in high-level gymnastics, then coached for a number of years.  This gave me a strong sense of determination and the value of collective endeavour, as well as the desire to pass it on, which I did by coaching young people living in deprived areas.  This taught me a lot and is why I agree with our company belief that ‘Diverse backgrounds, cultures, and expertise inspire breakthrough innovation’.
WHY DOES DIVERSITY MATTER TO YOU? I have worked for large international companies with global collective intelligence such as PwC. This convinced me that a multicultural approach to projects is a source of innovation.  Our marketing team is 50/50 men and women and represents a cross section of the Baby boomers, Generation X and Millennials.  We are made up of creative and pragmatic personalities, of geeks and of data and results-orientated people.  This ongoing dialogue is what enriches our team.

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