Designing The Perfect Match: Adobe Talks Commercial Real Estate

By Giles Flaxton, Regional Facilities Manager


Cushman & Wakefield Regional Facilities Manager, Giles Flaxton, sat down with an esteemed client, Adobe, to have a candid discussion about their relationship. Mark Bell, Adobe, Regional Site Operation Manager, EMEA, touched upon triumphs and challenges and shared how this truly integrated partnership positions his company for success. Read the interview to gauge how this powerhouse team is developing best-practices and making strides to be the leader in the industry.

How has the partnership between Adobe and Cushman & Wakefield evolved?
Mark Bell: What started out as another ordinary client/vendor relationship, transformed into a trusted partnership. Not only do we all have the same goals, but on a personal level, we all work well together. We’ve formed strong bonds and our partnership is reflective of that.

Giles Flaxton: The relationship started in the U.S. more than 10 years ago, but we now deliver facilities support globally. The length of the relationship has allowed us to gain a deep understanding of how Adobe works and what it needs from a service partner – this is a crucial aspect of our partnership.

Tell us about a recent success?
MB: We’ve had the opportunity to leverage Cushman & Wakefield’s size, scale and expertise. Recently, we had a market review of all things related to innovation and the “Internet of Things.” We condensed weeks’ worth of research into one meeting, which was extremely helpful. Cushman & Wakefield’s Head of Workplace Strategy, Neil McLocklin, was able to give us a rapid overview of current technology and also link us up with a suitable supplier.
GF: Changing how Adobe’s Paris office is used from a predominately allocated desk environment to a much more flexible and agile working environment. By creating team neighborhoods rather than allocating desks we make much better use of the available space.

How have you partnered to improve operational efficiencies?
MB: Customer centric approach, with a focus on impact. Noticing what is getting in the way of our employees being productive and then conveying this to Cushman & Wakefield so they can adapt their delivery or provide a new service.

GF: We defined and clarified roles and responsibilities in order to target the team resources efficiently. It’s not about creating silos, but rather break them down, to work as a team and avoid any duplication of work.

How do you successfully integrate services?
MB: It’s not easy, but you have to keep working at it. One best-practice I would recommend is constantly reviewing and tweaking, which will help lead to success.
GF: By being visible, proactive and not “hiding” in a facilities office, we can better understand our client’s challenges. By engaging with our client first-hand, we’re better equipped.

The above is an excerpt from the Fourth Edition of the Occupier Edge. To learn more about designing the perfect CRE matches, download the full report here.

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