Cabinet makers and bed makers

Cabinet makers. Purely on account of how MPs voted, it is no surprise that Theresa May’s new cabinet is predominantly comprised of Remainers. Sajid Javid now takes the reigns of the Department for Communities & Local Government (DCLG). It remains to be seen whether he will follow his predecessor’s devolution focused agenda. Local authorities will in particular be concerned to see business rates retention remain on the table. Although widely perceived as a demotion, Javid may yet find himself in charge of large budgets previously held by the EU to ensure regional redistribution of wealth.

Bed makers. As the new order of the Conservative Party was unveiled, some of those who were the strongest advocates of the Leave position, have seemingly been told to go deliver. David Davis and Liam Fox will be leading the negotiations with the EU. However in the first instance they might find themselves short-staffed. As outgoing (and now retiring) EU Policy minister Oliver Letwin noted, ‘the trade negotiators who are Brits at the moment are basically working for the EU’.


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Richard Pickering, Head of UK Research & Insight

Richard Pickering, Head of UK Research & Insight.


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