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Where is the Value?

Written By Frank McCafferty, Executive Managing Director

Take_Note-resized-600.jpgThe call just finished and the party on the other line said, “Send me something about your company.” The first reaction is to dig through your collateral and immediately email over a thank you note with your freshly minted service line brochure – STOP!

Let’s stop, take a breath and make sure to always provide value when we engage with those we are meeting for the first time. The old saying that first impressions matter is never truer when you have that first opportunity to show why you would make a good partner, service provider or consultant. An important ingredient in being a professional is to always be focused on value creation and how your involvement improves the current situation.

Unfortunately, there is a natural tendency to be in a rush, to provide some generic collateral and move onto the next item on the to-do list. Do this at your own peril, however, because it could mean game over. When you know you are mailing it in, make no mistake; that person you are hoping will hire you, knows you just mailed it in as well and your generic marketing piece will quickly enter the delete bin.

Whenever you submit collateral, white papers, or research, first take a deep breathe and then say, “so what.” What is it about this document that is important, valuable, or relevant? Then take the extra time to point out the value behind the material and why your audience will be better positioned for having taken the time to read it.

The message here is not just about this moment in time, but ensuring that all moments involve going further, doing more, standing out, and ultimately adding value.

Frank_McCaffertyFrank McCafferty leads Cassidy Turley’s Occupier Services Group throughout the State of Texas. Frank’s primary focus is on team management, business planning, account development, client care, and portfolio planning. Frank’s background includes over 20 years of experience in diverse commercial real estate disciplines such as tenant representation, corporate services, development and construction management.

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