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Veterans’ Voices: Corporal Tom Dowd

U.S. Marine Corps

Dates Served: Sept 1987 – Aug 1992

Section Leader – Stationed with 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marines, 2nd MARDIV – Camp Lejeune, NC

During his military service, Corporal Tom Dowd received three Certificates of Commendation: one as Section Leader for 60mm mortar section during live fire exercises in Bridgeport, CA; one as Section Leader for 60mm mortar section during Operations Desert Shield/Desert Storm; and one as Company Clerk during cold weather training in Bridgeport, CA, Norway and Korea. The military also recognized him as Meritorious Lance Corporal and Marine of the Division.


I was destined to become a Marine. My dad, three uncles, and an aunt and her husband are all Marines. I also have an uncle who proudly served in the Air Force. I’m named after one of my uncles who defended our freedom by paying the ultimate sacrifice in Vietnam. Joining the brotherhood of Marines was a decision and a commitment I had to make when I was ready. It was an honor to have served alongside my brothers, and it remains an honor to retain the title of U.S. Marine. I now get to live vicariously through my brother, who is a Lieutenant Colonel in the Marine Corps.

For me, Veteran’s Day is fulfilling, because it’s a day when many take a moment to do what I do regularly: pause, consider, and be thankful for what our military is, what they do, and the sacrifices they and their families proudly deliver daily. Having been raised in Northern Virginia, our family would often go to Arlington Cemetery, not necessarily to visit and remember but to deepen our understanding and appreciation for what our veterans and their families contend with on a daily basis. Despite our family bias for Marines, my dad would speak about all branches with love and admiration for their loyalty, dedication, and determination.

As Cushman & Wakefield’s Veterans Initiative Program Coordinator, I am proud and honored to be working with an amazing team in an amazing firm. Our goal is to be the employer of choice for veterans—for veterans to know that we can and will help them land in the right spot, preferably with Cushman & Wakefield.

While our Veterans Initiative Program has established a solid foundation built on identifying and recruiting veterans to join the ranks of Cushman & Wakefield, we are very excited to further these efforts by pushing forward with our transition roadmap, mentorship program, and Employee Resource Group, and by establishing our firm and our program as best in class. We are looking for excellence in every seat, and veterans help us achieve that.

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