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Veterans’ Voices: Capt. Rick Cenkus

U.S. Air Force

Dates Employed 1989 – 1992

Member of 823rd RED HORSE Civil Engineering Squadron (Deployed) – Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm
Deputy Chief of the Contracting Division – USAF Air Defense Weapons Center – Tyndall Air Force Base, Panama City, FL


During his career, Capt. Rick Cenkus served in Desert Storm/Desert Shield, where he received the Air Force Commendation Medal for outstanding achievement.


I grew up in a family where everyone served. My grandfather and his three brothers served in World War II, my dad served, and I always knew I would serve. I was raised from a very young age to be appreciative of the sacrifices that people make for us and for this country. On Veteran’s Day, I always think back to my family, to what my grandfather and my father went through. For me, it’s about remembering their commitment.

But Veteran’s Day also goes far beyond my memories of family and the people I served with. I also think it’s important that we honor our veterans through actions, not just words. At Cushman & Wakefield, our Veteran’s Initiative Program started out focused on recruiting and hiring, and that’s been a huge success. But I’m proud that we’re taking it to a whole new place. We still want to recruit and hire, but it’s also about mentoring and really helping people—even if they don’t work here. Even with everything our veteran’s program has achieved, our commitment to veterans is in its early stages, and there’s a lot more to come.

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